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Victims Opposing Institutionalizations and Court-Facilitated Exploitation
( A Michigan advocacy organization focusing on protecting rights of elderly & disabled persons)

MIssion Statement

To identify and put an end to unlawful exploitation and abuse of elderly and disabled persons  by court Judges, court appointed guardians, guardians ad litem, conservators, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services representatives, Michigan Public Administrators, and Michigan licensed Health-care professionals.

We aim to eradicate unjust practices of guardians “Isolating” victims  from their families and friends, and other abusive methods used to accomplish the exploitation of elderly and other vulnerable persons.

Members of V.O.I.C.E. work toward enforcing existing laws mandated to protect individuals targeted for guardianship’s from having all their rights terminated by the flick of a Judges pen, and we demand that alternatives to Guardianships must be adhered to: including lesser restrictive measures,  clear and convincing evidence a guardian is needed, the right to choose their caretaker and select family first over third party guardians, the right to limited guardianship granted over plenary that leaves victims with less rights than a convicted felon. We will be the VOICE for victims of such abuses of power and violations of rights.

Members are proactive in our mission to preserve dignity and protect rights of Michigan’s vulnerable elderly and disabled persons, taking action toward changes when needed.

We are a non-profit public charitable organization. Our contact is VOICE: P.O.Box 1745, Birmingham, Mi.,48012. Phone (248) 647-2942


President: Cynthia Hind

Treasurer: Melissa Edwards

Secretary: Dr. Carl Piontkowski

Director of Communication: Rafael Garcia

Director of Special Events: Daisy Marshal

Director of Nursing Homes Issues- Wayne County: Kathy Logwood


Vicki Keklo-Guyton: Co-Director of Wayne County
Debbie Fox: Co-Director of Wayne County

Tom Howe: Director of Genesee County

Dr. Vance Smith: Director of Traverse City Area

Ron Hawkins: Director of Calhoun County

Deloris G. Smith: Director of St. Clair County

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Our contact is VOICE, P.O.Box 1745, Birmingham, Mi.,48012. Phone (248) 647-2942